A Wide Array of Comprehensive Real Estate Courses

Established in 2005, Memphis Real Estate School offers a large selection of courses that will help you become a licensed real estate agent. Our small class sizes mean that each of our trainers can focus on your needs. You’ll be pleased to know that our classes can be taken in person as well as online. Take your first steps toward a career in real estate today.

Our Courses Offered

Real Estate Principles Class

This 60-hour course is the first step you need to take in order to obtain a real estate license. Our classes provide 60 hours of the required education as approved by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC).

Classroom courses are offered on a daytime or evening schedule posted quarterly throughout the year. Enroll in a class or choose the online course at any time.

New Affiliate Class

This 30-hour course is the second course required for the state license exam. It must be completed after the Real Estate Principles class. However, this must be taken before selecting a brokerage firm and sending off your application for a license. The new affiliate course involves the practical application of what you have learned in the principles course.

Exam Study

Organize your thoughts efficiently by studying the categories of real estate before taking the Tennessee Real Estate Exam. If you have already taken the exam and did not pass, this program can offer much-needed guidance that can improve your score.

Continuing Education

These courses are designed for licensees to qualify for license renewal every two years. 16-hours of continuing education credit is required for each licensing period. The requirements are 6 hours for the TN Core course and 10 or more hours of any of the approved courses. Licensee must provide a License ID# in profile for credit. Each completion is electronically submitted to TREC within ten days.

Our CE Courses include:


  • TN License Review (12-Hour CE)
  • Working as an Agent (12-Hour CE)


  • TN Rules and Regulations (6-Hour CE)


  • TREC CORE (6-Hour CE) mandatory renewal course
  • NAR May the Code be with You (4-Hour CE) mandatory NAR course
  • Property Tax and Mortgage Valuation (3-Hour CE)
  • Social Media Ethics (3-Hour CE)
  • Running a Small Brokerage Firm ((3-Hour CE)
  • And more

Select the internet courses or workbook courses you wish to complete by paper/pencil


Set your own schedule with online courses. Choose courses that will enhance your current operations during each renewal period. Such as working with buyers, preparing contracts or understanding appraisals, inspections and mortgages. Once you purchase you will have access to the program for six months


Broker Management Course

This is a 30-hour course for licensed real estate agents who are seeking to obtain a broker’s license in Tennessee. Please note that this course cannot be used for continuing education.

Through this course, you will obtain information that will help you understand how to set up a real estate brokerage firm. It will also provide insights about your needs, the search for local ordinances, staffing, working with agents, handling funds, financial concerns, business entities, and applying for a firm license.

The TREC requires a certificate of completion for this course before a licensee is eligible to take the broker exam. Please see the PSI bulletin for exam application on the TREC website or at www.psiexams.com for more information.

Important Course Information

Take note of the following information:

  • You must be over 18 years of age and possess at least a 12th-grade education to enroll.
  • To register for a classroom, simply select a date and then pay. This will save you a seat.
  • School registration is not required for online courses. Just sign up, pay, and start the course at any time.
  • We include textbooks with each of our classroom courses
  • We post new course schedules quarterly.